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Our Company

First established in 2001, our founders have been developing e-catalog / e-commerce websites since the 90’s, mostly in the electronic / electrical industry.  In 2015 we launched our first e-commerce platform, which is now operating on more than fifteen thousand websites around the globe.  Our company offers:

  • > 75 designers / developers
  • ISO-9001:2015 Quality Management
  • ISO-27001:2013 Information and Security Management
  • LiteSpeed Hosting with Cloud Distribution
  • Configurable SEO Strategies
  • Page Builder Application
  • Big-Data ready - serve up to 50 million parts
  • Data-Exchange ready (store / collect / share data securely)
  • API / EDI / ERP / CRON Integration

Statistics related to B2B sales:

• 67% of all new business begins with a website visit
• 62% of buyers prefer to buy on-line (no contact)
• 57% of the buying decision occurs before first “contact”
• 46% will leave a website because of poor messaging
• 37% will leave because of poor design or navigation
• 88% will not return to an unsatisfactory site

This is why you will find a well-developed website at the heart of every “successful” supplier’s marketing plan.


DISTiMAN Web Suite is an SaaS platform developed specifically for the needs of manufacturers and Distributors. The platform installs overnight with everything you may ever need.  The platform has been developed and tested to our ISO-9001 & ISO-2700 standards and further qualified by our install base of customers.  Simply apply your content and style.

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