The concept is simple.

We already built your next website.

Just populate, style and launch . . . in less than 30 days (typical).

In 2015, we launched our e-commerce platform which is now installed on more than 11,000 websites. DISTiMAN Web Suite goes deeper, having been greatly optimized to meet the demanding requirements of manufacturers and distributors (taxes, po's, internals, negotiated pricing, shipping, customer interface, etc. . . )

You can Test-drive our platform with your style and content for as little as $1500.  If approved the cost is only $750 per month (typical).  Our platform is qualified to provide world-class performance in all measurable areas of an enterprise-level website.  Read our white papers below which demonstrate our performance as compared to some of the industry giants.

  • World-class Search Engine Optimization
  • Lightning fast page load speeds
  • Optional cloud-hosting & Content Delivery Network
  • Directly edit all pages with one-click
  • Product Configurators
  • Product Selection tables with filter and sort functions
  • Rich navigation menus
  • Conversion techniques for sample, rfq, buy-now, . . . and more
  • Auto-completing search functions
  • Customers can track orders online, get emails on updates
  • Responsive Design compliant on all browsers
  • Return Material Authorization Process
  • Drag & Drop Page-Builder applications
  • Import / Export syncing with your Excel / CSV flat files
  • Raid5 Backup and Sucuri Antivirus
  • APIs / EDI's / Import Syncing

Enterprise-Level Website

Designed to engage Engineers, Buyers and Managers

Web Suite

Engaging Engineers,
Buyers and Managers

appealing to Designing Engineers, Production Buyers & QualityManagers

An engineered website designed for distributors & manufacturers. Qualified for best-in-class usability, flexibility, optimization and speed.

5 Star Rating from Capterra
5 Star Rating from Joomla
Customer Choice Award from SoftwareSuggest
Top 10 Global Mult-Vendor e-commerce Platform
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
ISO 27001:2013 Certificate

Usability for Engineers

Search Engine Optimization

Usability for Buyers

Converting Visitors

Usability for Managers

Ease of Management

Serve up to 50 million Parts with 3 second page loads (typical).
RAID5 Backup / Firewall Security & Automatic Maintenance & Upgrades

Optional Content Delivery Network (CDN) allows even faster page loads for extremely competitive requirements.

New Sites Launched in 2021!

Manufacturer of AC and DC Charging stations for electric vehicles, large or small.

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Distributor of Circuit Protection Devices re-building their website using our platform and their own internal design team

Visit Site
Manufacturer of DC Fans, Blowers and Impellers with custom designs of heatsink and assemblies. Site is a combination of a product catalog and capabilities presentation.

Visit Website
Inductive Technologies, Inc. (I-Tech) offers an extensive line RF transformers, RF inductors, common mode chokes, and coils

Visit Website
RF/Microwave Distributor with 12,000 parts using category selection tables, advanced search functions and wire RF Cable Assembly wire harness configurator tools.

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A subsite for one of Electrotechnik's companies focused on the manufacture of custom inductors.

Visit Website
Arizona Capacitors designs and manufactures a broad range of standard and custom wound film capacitors for Industrial and Military Applications.

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Manufacturer of SIC IGBT, Diodes and MOSFets in module, discrete and bare die packages. Simple engineering Selection guide with RFQ and Sample capabilities. .

Visit Website
Parent company of more than a dozen brands, treated content like distributor catalog with sample and RFQ capabilities. Most capacitors and resistors using configurators to build up specific parts.

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Manufacturers Representative company providing e-commerce for overseas brands.

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Plastic Capacitors designs and manufactures High Voltage wound film capacitors, phenolic tubular, phenolic rectangular, rectangular, steel rectangular can, steel bathtub capacitors and high voltage power supplies.

Visit Website
One of Electrotechnik's companies focused on the manufacture of custom magnetics within the Dental and Midcial industry.

Visit Website
Power supply manufacturer with extensive catalog of standard parts. Utilizing downloads, sample and RFQ forms for the call to action.

Visit Website
Custom Suppression, Inc. - A Leading Manufacturer of EMI Filters & RFI Filters.

Visit Website
A subsite for one of Electrotechnik's companies, focused on the manufacture of custom magnetics.

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Studying the great improvements offered by the DISTiMAN Installation.
Studying the great improvements offered by the DISTiMAN Installation.

About DistiMan

Having worked in and around the electronic components industry for the last 30 years with roles in sales, marketing and engineering, our focus is to develop standard platforms that address common challenges faced by both manufacturers and distributors.  Our platform approach saves substantial time, money and effort while improving quality and performance.

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